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See why Halton and surrounding areas choose The Georgetown Hearing Clinic for their hearing assessments, hearing aid services, and assistive listening devices.

Improve Your Hearing

Let our hearing instrument practitioner and audiologist help you find the right size and style of hearing aid at our clinic.

Hearing FAQs

Assess your hearing and get the information you need. Get the hearing devices and products you need and get back to normalcy.

 Schedule an Assessment

Book a hearing assessment with an audiologist and learn more about the many hearing loss solutions available at our clinic.


Hear what you’ve been missing with hearing aids and other assistive listening devices from The Georgetown Hearing Clinic. Serving the Halton Hills region and many parts of the Greater Toronto Area for more than 25 years, our clinic offers a variety of services from hearing assessments and tests to hearing aid fittings, adjustments, and repairs.

We understand that losing your hearing can affect many aspects of your life. Don’t miss those important life moments; let our audiologist help you find the right hearing aids for your needs. We work mostly with seniors and young children between the ages of four to 14. We also help those with work-related hearing issues and adults looking for custom earplugs. Our professionalism and attention to detail has led recognition from the industry as we’ve received Independent Reader’s Choice Awards every year since 2011.

2011 Readers Choice
2012 Readers Choice
2013 Readers Choice
2014 Readers Choice
2015 Readers Choice
2016 Readers Choice
	2017 Readers Choice
2018 Readers Choice
2019 Readers Choice
2020 Readers Choice


Do you find yourself struggling to keep up with conversations? Have family members complained about how you keep the volume too loud on your TV or radio? These signs and others may be an indication that you need a hearing aid or another assistive listening device. At The Georgetown Hearing Clinic, we focus on your health and more importantly, service. We make sure you get the products and devices you need, all at an affordable price. 


If you’re a senior on a fixed income, we understand how hard it can be on your pocketbook even with insurance. That’s why we offer some of the lowest rates for audio devices around. We don’t focus on sales quotas or other considerations. Cory and staff focus on one thing and one thing only – you. 


Hear About Our Track Record

Our specialist, Simran Araich, H.I.S., offers mobile visits to retirement/nursing homes to clients who can no longer travel to our clinic in person.

We Don’t Offer Promotions or Special Offers; There is No Need for Them Here

For all your hearing devices and products, we quote the lowest possible price all the time. We also work closely with the WSIB, ADP government grant and VAC (Military Veterans).

Call Us Today!

Book an appointment and get a consultation with our audiologist. We’ll give you a second opinion if you’re looking for it, or provide you and your family with the information you require. Give us a call today.

Professional Affiliations

Chamber of Commerce

AHIP Association

• Readers’ Choice since 2011

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