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  • Hearing aids
  • Custom earmolds
    - Swim plugs
    - Noise cancellation plugs
    - Musician plugs
    - Sleep plugs
  • Assistive listening devices – phone/TV devices/headphones
  • Hearing aid batteries
  • Hearing aid accessories
Hearing FAQs

Assess your hearing and get the information you need. Get the hearing devices and products you need and get back to normalcy.

 Schedule an Assessment

Book a hearing assessment with Rui, our audiologist, and learn more about the many hearing loss solutions available at our clinic.

Hearing Aids & More at The Georgetown Hearing Clinic

The Georgetown Hearing Clinic provides a range of hearing aids and other hearing care services in Halton and the surrounding areas. From the sound of the gentlest wind to the purr of an engine to the hum of chords from your favourite song, hearing makes the world around us that much more vibrant. When you struggle to understand the sounds around you, it can leave you frustrated and feeling left out. Our hearing aids range from models that fit inside the ear canal to those that rest snuggly behind your ears at The Georgetown Hearing Clinic. We also provide:

Complimentary consultations
Advanced hearing aid technology to suit every lifestyle and budget
Everyday listening products
A 90-day purchase guarantee: We will refund your money, no questions asked
Price match guarantees
Services for VAC and WSIB
Hearing aid accessories
Semi-annual check-ups
A liaison with your physician
Three years of maintenance and service warranty with purchase of new aids
Temporary loaner aids available if repairs are required
Complimentary professional hearing aid cleaning
Semi-annual check-ups
Hearing tests
Financing options

Book an Audio Consultation Today!

Through hearing tests and evaluations, our audiologist in Georgetown works to find the best solutions for your specific hearing loss needs. Contact us to set up a consultation for hearing aids in Georgetown and stop missing out on those important life moments.

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