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Let our hearing instrument practitioner and audiologist help you find the right size and style of hearing aid at our clinic.

Hearing FAQs

Assess your hearing and get the information you need. Get the hearing devices and products you need and get back to normalcy.

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Book a hearing assessment with an audiologist and learn more about the many hearing loss solutions available at our clinic.

Signs of Hearing Loss

At The Georgetown Hearing Clinic, we understand that hearing loss can be frustrating and that getting a hearing aid takes a lot of consideration. If you have hearing problems, don’t wait. Losing your hearing can affect many aspects of your life. Don’t miss those important life moments. Here are some tell-tale sign that you’re experiencing hearing loss:

Difficulty hearing someone speaking in a group meeting or noisy room
People appear to mumble
Adult voices are easier to understand than children’s
Regularly having to ask people to repeat themselves
Hearing better in one ear than the other
Difficulty hearing the television or radio

Degrees of Hearing Loss

Mild hearing loss: Soft sounds are difficult to hear. Understanding speech is difficult in a loud environment.
Moderate hearing loss: Soft and moderately loud sounds are difficult to hear. Understanding speech becomes very difficult if background noise is present.
Severe hearing loss: Conversations have to be conducted loudly. Group conversations are possible only with a lot of effort.
Profound hearing loss: Some very loud sounds are heard. Without hearing aids, communication is no longer possible, event with intense effort.

Causes of Hearing Loss

There are a lot of reasons why you could be experiencing hearing loss. Your medical history does have a lot to do with it, however, the results of a hearing test will often reveal several different scenarios in which hearing loss could’ve occurred. Some of the common causes of hearing loss include:

Ear wax
Head trauma
Ear infection
Blood flow
Autoimmune disorders

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